Saturday, June 22, 2013

Boys behind the blog {Link-Up}

I’m linking up a little late with Mallory & Stephanie for the boys behind the blog J  I talk about Daniel all the time on here, so I figured it was a great time to get a little bit form him personally. Enjoy!

1.        Does your wife/girlfriend/fiance use your real name or a nickname on her blog?
Real name
2.       If you had a blog, what would the title be?
I would never have a blog, nor do I have the time.  I’m not really one to put my life out there on display for everyone to see; generally I leave that to Erin.  The only reason I have a Facebook now is because Erin got tired of me getting on her page. 
3.       Do you ever feel ignored by her because of the blog?
Not really.  It’s something she enjoys doing so I don’t mind. 
4.      How has her blog changed or evolved throughout your relationship?
I wouldn’t say the blog has evolved, just the amount of time Erin spends on it.  It used to be something that she would update periodically, but since the girls were born she has become a lot more involved.
5. What is your favorite post on her blog?

I don’t think I have a favorite blog post.  For me it is getting on there and looking at the picture of the girls.  A lot of the stories are geared towards mothers and aren't necessarily things I would take an interest in.

Boys Behind The Blog

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