Thursday, June 6, 2013

10 Months & Everywhere!

I’m late on this blog post. By two weeks. Whoops.

Sleep is good. We are still co-sleeping, so it’s a pretty close to a full night of sleep.  She’s almost a year, so I’m starting to think about moving her to the crib (haven’t I said this before?!) HA.  I think I tried it for a couple nights and she lasted til about 4am, and I just brought her into the bed with us.  Last night I did actually move her to the crib, but she only lasted until 2am.  Recently, she has been waking up more to nurse in the middle of the night.  I’m 99% positive it’s teething.  We’ll see if I say she’s still co-sleeping next month ;) 
Hayden has 2 teeth with 2 more popping through ANY day now!  Her top two are really swollen and you can see the teeth right on the surface.  If you flip her upside down, you would think they already cut through, but no.  She woke up this morning with a running nose, so these teeth need to push on through!  We’ll see if she has a gap like her sister.

She is on the move, into everything, crawling and walking along everything!  She loves crawling over to the brick fireplace, so we have discussed getting a pad for it.  She has also started following Hadleigh wherever she goes.  If Hadleigh runs into the other room, Hayden is crawling as fast as she can behind her J It’s so cute.  She pulls herself up on any furniture she can get to and she walks along.  She *loves* the cabinet doors.  She’s opening and shutting them constantly.  We thought Hadleigh was getting into lots, but I think we have a busier one on our hands!

Girl loves some food!  I don’t buy baby food anymore, since she is more interested in what we eat.  She will eat anything you put in front of her for the most part.  Pears are one food I can think of that she doesn't like.  I’m still nursing (Woohoo!), but I stopped pumping two days ago. So I now nurse in the morning, evening, and throughout the night (when needed). During the day, I make bottles out of the milk I have in the freezer so when that runs out I think I’m switching her straight to milk.

Hayden’s words so far are mama, dada, and Hadleigh.  Crazy she says Hadleigh right?!  I haven’t heard her yet, but both Daniel and Nene have.  I’m sure she will be picking up more and more every week!  She loves to point and fake laugh.  Hayden chuckles a lot at random things.  She says “uh” frequently, so I will immediately say it back to her…so we have an “uh” conversation back and forth – it’s cute.

Hayden’s Daily Routine
I nurse her before I leave for work and most days she goes back to sleep until 7:30-8am
Eats breakfast
Drinks bottle (5 ounces)
Takes a nap sometimes in the morning / more play
Eats lunch
Drinks bottle (5 ounces)
Takes an afternoon nap
I get home around 5:15 & nurse her around 5:30
We eat dinner anywhere from 6-7
We play until she’s ready to go to bed around 8-8:30
Falls asleep while nursing

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  1. First off, I'm in LOVE with this new design!! It's so so awesome!! Secondly, Hayden is just precious!!! i hope those baby teeth come in soon so she can get some relief!!

    1. Thanks!! She did an amazing job - I'm in love as well! Ugh, one broke through yesterday but still waiting on the other! Poor baby

  2. Awwww ;) so cute!
    I love your new blog design by the way :) super!
    xoxox hope you're having a great weekend!