Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas activites so far...

I might be way slightly more excited than Hadleigh and Hayden for Christmas this year!  Hadleigh's only 2, but understands a lot more and gets so excited about certain things.  I literally want to do every.single.thing I see or hear about with her. Well, and Hayden too, but she's too young this year to comprehend.
Here's my running list so far
Decorate Christmas Tree for Hadleigh's room
Christmas crafts
Decorate Christmas Cookies
Short Pump Tree Lighting
Fire Truck Santa in Neighborhood
Tacky Light Tour
Go See Santa

I have to hold myself back from trying to give them both their Christmas presents early.  I'm just so excited - I think I'm going to revert back to not sleeping on Christmas Eve because I'm too excited.  Is this normal?

We've already been to see the Short Pump Mall Tree Lighting, which wasn't all that I cracked it up to be.  And a couple of weeks ago we got a small Christmas Tree for Hadleigh's room.  Daniel grew up having one in his room, so I thought it would be cute to pass the tradition along.  We didn't get one for Hayden this year, but next year we will for sure.

Hadleigh picked out this beautiful (and tacky) bright pink tinsel Christmas Tree.  I picked up some silver ornament balls and she picked out some Mickey Mouse ornaments as well.  She had a good time hanging the ornaments on the tree especially the Mickey ones.
Hayden watched intently from the side - she will be participating before we know it!

Then Hadleigh lost interest and started making silly faces for the camera....

So mama was left to finish the tree and place it on her dresser.

Since these pictures, more ornaments have been added to her tree.  Nene bought some colorful balls and even brought some from daddy's tree when he was a boy. 

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