Saturday, December 15, 2012

Santa's Coming!

Crossing another one off our list!
Decorate Christmas Tree for Hadleigh's room
Christmas crafts
Decorate Christmas Cookies
Short Pump Tree Lighting
Fire Truck Santa in Neighborhood
Tacky Light Tour
Go See Santa

Anytime Hadleigh sees Santa or even out of the blue, she will say "Santa's Coming!"  It's really cute!  The first Saturday in December we kept hearing fire engines in our neighborhood.  I went outside to see what was going on, and even came back in to tell Daniel there was a huge fire or something down the street (the ladder truck was out and everything).  Being the nosey person I am, I called my mom to see if her or my dad knew anything.  Since my dad was on the fire department for years, he sometimes knows what's going on and if he doesn't our good family friends listen to the scanner.  In talking to mom, she told me to go outside again cause it might be Santa coming around on the truck.  
Mommy Brain has really taken a toll cause I had totally forgotten that Hanover County does this.  Each fire station in the county during the month of December goes around to each neighborhood with Santa on the ladder truck to wave to all of the children.  I remember this from when I was a kid!  
We quickly bundled up the girls and went out in the front yard to wait for Santa to drive by our house.  Hadleigh was really excited and waved to Santa the entire time.  Now every time the sirens go off (our neighborhood is right behind the fire station) she thinks Santa is coming ;)

Hayden and I waiting for Santa
Dada & Hadleigh waving to Santa
Santa's Coming!!


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