Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

We have so much in our lives to be thankful for - yes we complain and have bad days, but we are very lucky in so many ways.This year we spent the day with both sides of our families.  First, we shared some lunch with the Harris'.  The food was delicious and the girls had fun getting attention from everyone.  Hayden got lots of snuggles and Hadleigh got lots of sweets and loved JuJu's big mirror in her bedroom.
Hayden hanging out with Baba

Love my big girl

shessovain. <3

Loving JuJu's big coloring book

Hayden getting snuggles from Grandma

We left Daniel's side of the family to have dinner with my side.  We went to Kelli & Chey's house and there the kids had a ball.  Hadleigh, Erik, Jaxson, and Audrinna all ran around until dinner was ready.  They definitely all wore themselves out.  While we were there - Kelli and I planned our Black Friday shopping attack route ;) Maybe next year I'll take pictures and blog about our adventures!

Running around outside - so happy it was gorgeous outside!

Kiki & Hayden

All 4 kids playing with eating their dinner

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