Friday, December 21, 2012

Pictures with Santa

Decorate Christmas Tree for Hadleigh's room
Christmas crafts
Decorate Christmas Cookies
Short Pump Tree Lighting
Fire Truck Santa in Neighborhood
Tacky Light Tour
Go See Santa

This year we went to Bass Pro Shop to see Santa - they are actually the place that is the least expensive.  And the Santa is really nice!  Bass Pro is a pretty awesome store anyways, but they had lots for the kids to look at and do.  We met the boys up there as well, so the kids had fun looking at the fish in the aquarium, looking at the deer & moose, and then looking at the Christmas decorations near Santa.
As soon as we got in line to see Santa, Hadleigh immediately started saying "No" We figured it wasn't going to go too well, but thought maybe if she saw Erik & Jaxson sit on his lap she would do fine.
Erik & Jaxson did really well - neither cried - and Erik told Santa he wanted a be-be gun and a firetruck with a trailer on the back.  He wasn't too happy when Santa told him he would have to talk to his parents about the be-be gun.
Then Hadleigh and Hayden sat on Santa's lap.  Hayden just looked around while Hadleigh of course whined/cried.  She actually didn't scream bloody murder like we thought she was going to do.  We were lucky to get a decent picture, so there was no talking to Santa this year :)

Looking at the fish 
Gran & Hadleigh 
The boys really liked the fish! 
Hayden taking it all in 
Pretty girl 
Love my girls! 
In line to see Santa! 

Erik & Jaxson 
Hadleigh & Hayden 
Poor Hadleigh was not happy

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