Sunday, September 8, 2013

Hadleigh's Three!!

We officially have a three year old –where did this year go??! Hadleigh is so smart, loving, fun, funny, sassy, and challenging all rolled into one. She hasn't stopped keeping us on our toes!

3 Year Stats
34.5 pounds
38” tall
She’s going to school 3 full days a week and does really well there.  She still cries every morning when I drop her off…I’m wondering how long that will go on for!  Once she’s there, she’s fine.  She loves her teacher and talks about her friends in her class often.  I think she only has another 6 months in that class before she moves up!
Hadleigh is a very picky eater.  It seems she only eats junk!  I only buy Carnation Breakfast essentials chocolate milk to make sure she gets the extra nutrients she needs.  She doesn't eat breakfast at all, just that chocolate milk. Sometimes at school, she won’t even eat lunch.  I’m not sure if it’s a control thing or if she just doesn't like what they are offering.  Within the past few months, her learning and speech has skyrocketed – the things she knows! Daniel and I sometimes look at each other and wonder where the heck she learned what she just said - it’s crazy.
She loves to wear dresses and skirts – she’s definitely a girly girl.  She will get upset some mornings if I don’t put her in a dress.  She will also get upset if she isn't wearing the same type of shoes that I am. She will tell me, “Mama, I want flip flops like you!”  Her favorite toys are dolls/babies, anything princess, and playing doctor.   
Hadleigh and Hayden play really well with each other, but neither is very good at sharing – especially Hadleigh.  She will start to pile things on top of tables because she knows its high enough to where Hayden cannot reach.  For a few weeks she was having some accidents because she didn't want to leave and have Hayden get whatever she was playing with.  Thankfully that didn't last.

Hadleigh loves to sing – she has started picking up the words to shows and songs on her CDs.  It’s super cute! We have a nursery rhyme CD, Sofia the 1st, and Fresh Beat Band which she asks to listen to all the time.  She loves One Directions song “What Makes you Beautiful” too.  She came home last week singing:
A,B,C,D,E,F,G Thank you god for Feeding me, Amen (to the tune of the ABC’s) J
Funny things she says/has said:
“Those f'ing chips” Daniel and I weren't sure if that’s what she said one day, but she said it a few times – and then said “poopy chips”. Awesome.
H: “Is that a pocket on your shirt dad?”  D: “Yep, it sure is” H: That is so cool.
“I'm not 3, I'm 29!” On her birthday after she was told how old I was.
“Huga” What she calls Nene & Baba’s horse – Sugar
While watching Cinderella: H: mama, you go to kitchen. I watch Cinderella with Hayden

M: mama wants to watch Cinderella too. What do I need to go in the kitchen for? H: you go to the kitchen mama M: well what for? H: you make food. M: You're hungry? You just ate. H: No, daddy hungry.
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  1. Oh happy birthday little giddy girl! I must say she's a smart one, 29 is the new 3 haha!

    1. Thank you!! I love that - 29 IS the new 3!