Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hadleigh's Birthday {Re-cap}

Part I: Birthday Party
Hadleigh’s party was so fun and for the most part stress-free J  We had it at our local Children’s Museum, so after the party all of the kids could run around and enjoy the museum.  It was a successful day! 
We didn't have much to set up – other than where to place the food, cake, and drinks.  I didn't realize they would have a princess throne waiting for Hadleigh. She was REALLY excited to sit up there like a pretty princess – and a pretty princess she was. Once friends and family arrived, we ate some pizza and let the kids play for a bit in the room.  We then opened presents and sang “Happy Birthday”.  Hadleigh absolutely hates being the center of attention and hates being sung to by a big group of people (she doesn't get this from me…obviously)Poor thing, but Gran was there to the rescue (while Gramps snapped pictures!)
She recovered quickly and had some cake icing before playing in the museum. 
Part II: 8.29.13 Hadleigh’s Actual Birthday
I took the day off to spend with the girls and Daniel for Hadleigh’s birthday.  Daniel worked in the morning, so the girls and I played in the play room and watched princesses on TV.  We weren't in any rush!  Daniel finished up and we headed out to lunch to Hadleigh’s favorite spot – Chick-Fil-A (surprise!) J  She even got to play in the play area there as well. 
After lunch, we dropped Daniel and Hayden off at home, so we could have some girl time and get our nails done.  Hadleigh loves getting her nails painted and does so well.  She is such a big girl – she picked pink, blue, and sparkles for her toes and pink with sparkles for her fingers. 

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  1. Aww! That museum looks like so much fun! Looks like she had a pretty good birthday!!! She's so adorable!

    1. It's the Children's Museum in Richmond - definitely worth going! Thanks!

  2. A princess throne!? That is totally divine!

    What a great birthday! Found ya via our little nest....great space you have here.

    I have a little guy who is 2...I feel like he'll be 3 before I know it...waaah!


    1. It goes so fast! Thanks for stopping by! xo

  3. shes just so cute! and she looks she had a great birthday!

  4. cute blog! just found you :)

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