Thursday, September 26, 2013

Avacado/Tomato Bagel {Recipe} - Mal Smiles Guest Post

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 I love being Smile Sisters with Mallory - we actually got to meet before she moved out to Colorado and she's even more awesome in person!  Today I'm going to share a breakfast recipe with you, although I have been known to eat it for lunch or dinner as well.  So, to say that I’ve been obsessed with this breakfast would probably be an understatement.  Back In May, my girlfriend introduced me to this little gem.  Her family has always had these for breakfast, so she decided to bring it with her to a girl’s weekend at the beach. I've been thanking her ever since!

What you’ll need:
Cream Cheese
Olive Oil
Salt & Pepper
Onion (optional)
Smoked Salmon (optional)

Toast the bagel.  While the bagel is being toasted, mix your cream cheese with a few drops of olive oil.  Then sprinkle in your oregano, salt, and pepper. Sorry ya’ll, I don’t do measurements, so this is all to your spice liking J
Once bagel is done, spread your cream cheese mixture on top. Then top with your toppings!  I stop after tomatoes and avocados, but my friend adds onion and smoked salmon to hers.

Enjoy! It’s delicious! 

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