Monday, June 27, 2011

Project Backyard

Daniel's been working super hard the last couple of months to get the backyard looking great.  He's really good at visualizing exactly he wants and the result actually looking amazing.  I can't take much credit at all (well except for a few trinkets we have in the yard now - that I shopped for of course).  It wouldn't be easy on the eyes unless I showed you some before pictures.

This is a good picture of how crappy our grass dirt was.   

The raised flower bed was an addition to the yard Daniel and his friend Cody put in.
Progress....sod is 1/2 way laid

Then we had our friend Brian come by and help us figure out what types of plants would work best in the raised flower bed.  He's an awesome landscaper who works at Colesville Nursery, but he also has a fresh cut flower business on his own.  Here's his beautiful work:

Daniel's small flower beds at the bottom of the steps coming out of the back door.

I found these lanterns at Ben Franklin for a whopping $0.89!
Daniel added planters under the windows of his shed

Now we can actually entertain in the backyard without feeling embarrassed by the look of it!

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