Monday, June 6, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend 2011

Friday afternoon we headed out to the river.  It was nice getting there a little early, plus we had packed a bunch of stuff.  Our entire car was full - dogs in the very back, Hadleigh & I and some bags in the back seat, and then Daniel and some more bags up front.  The car ride went smooth - Both Hadleigh and the dogs slept the entire way :)
Friday evening we just hung around.  Hadleigh played in the little pool my parents have out at their house - she wasn't fond of it at first because it was cold, but then she got used to it and played.

Gran, Hadleigh, and I hung out while Gramps & Daniel worked on the golf cart.

Saturday was a decent day, so we went out on the beach and enjoyed ourselves.  Sunday  and Monday we did the exact same thing.  Hadleigh got to ride the boat for the first time on Sunday.  It put her right to sleep!  We definitely had a great weekend at the river with both families.
Erik trying on Auntie's shoes :)

Gramps & Erik cutting the grass

Jaxson & Auntie

Hadleigh eating some sand

Not sure about it...

Erik had a blast!

Jaxson just chillen




more playing

Our dog babies

Daniel & Papa lighting off some sparklers

Nana & Hadleigh

Hadleigh & Dada

Uncle Steven, Kait, and Hadleigh

Hadleigh loved the water!


Dada & Hadleigh boat riding


Kelli & Jaxson

Chey & Jaxson

Hadleigh hugging Mama

On the boat

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