Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pool Fun!

It's been getting pretty hot here in Richmond, so Daniel and I decided to get Hadleigh a pool for the backyard.  It's something Hadleigh can enjoy on the weekends with us, plus during the week with Nana.

We go to Target thinking we're going to get this small pool that is just a circle. Yeah...nope! Hadleigh is one spoiled little girl!

In the back we have a blue dinosaur with his mouth open for a game of ball toss.  The pool came with 5 balls I think.  Then to the left of the picture we have an inflatable slide. To the right we have a canopy that has blue streamers coming down to make it look like a waterfall.  Beside that is a palm tree that squirts water out of the middle.  I said spoiled...didn't I?

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