Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Backyard Entertainment

We finally got to enjoy our backyard this past weekend by having a little cookout.  We had a bunch of our friends over to enjoy it with us - we had food, drinks, and some cornhole going on in the front yard.  I loved having everyone over and Hadleigh enjoyed being the center of attention!  She also enjoyed getting to play with her bff Lily.

Can this picture get a parent reported?! Nothing like a Miller Lite & UNC!
Actually this is the culprit behind Hadleigh ;)
Some of the guys were having fun playing cornhole

I told you Hadleigh was the center of attention didn't I?
Oh and this is Cody - he loves his picture to be taken. He doesn't wait for it to be taken, he ASKS for it to be taken...

We have such great friends to want to come over and celebrate our backyard finally being done! <3

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