Friday, June 10, 2011

Visit with Lily!

Kristy and Lily came to visit last weekend to play in the new pool! Now that Hadleigh can crawl, it's beginning to be a lot more fun to get the girls together and play.  Lily seemed to enjoy the pool a lot more than Hadleigh - I think Hadleigh was starting to get pretty tired since she hadn't napped well earlier in the day. (We went to the Strawberry Fair in Ashland that morning).  
Hadleigh's Strawberry Faire outfit :)

We decided to feed both girls their dinner, so they each got to try a little bit of the other's meal :)  After dinner and the pool we both gave the girls their first bath together which I'm so mad I didn't get any pictures!!  Once they were all clean, they crawled and walked and played with each other on the floor for a little bit before Kristy & Lily had to head back home. 

We always enjoy having them over [and you know....forcing   hoping Lily & Hadleigh to be BFF's like their mommas ;)]

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