Sunday, March 8, 2015

Hadleigh 4.5 Update

This girl is 4 ½! What the What?!
    Oh sweet Hadleigh, we love you so so much!  Hadleigh is full of personality and spunk.  She’s becoming a little girl and it makes me so happy yet sad at the same time.  I tell her all the time that she will always be my baby.
Hadleigh is thriving in Pre-school.  She loves learning anything and everything.  She enjoys praise and reassurance that she is doing the right thing or saying the right answer.  She writes her full name very well – for a while there she would get her b,p,g,d’s mixed up, but they all look the same in a way!  They have assessment tests coming up at her school, so I’m looking forward to those results.  Last time, she scored above average in all areas.  We will definitely send her to Kindergarten in the Fall.  Her birthday is so close to the cut off, it was a question last year.  She would get SO bored if we held her back though.  So registration is around the corner and as a parent I’m definitely nervous!  My baby is going to big girl school!  She will rock it though!

Hadleigh is very opinionated (no surprise there!)  She likes pink still, but has branched out on her wardrobe.  I’m safer asking her before I buy anything though, because she has clothes in her closet she won’t wear.  She wears 4/5 (XS) and 5T currently.  I believe she is around 42 pounds and 40-42 inches.  She loves anything girly, dressing up, Barbies, playing school, playing house, and arts and crafts.   Hadleigh still loves a good bag and filling it up to the brim with random stuff.  Oh girls!
She is the best big sister.  She loves Hayden and Harper to the fullest.  Hadleigh is so sweet and gentle with Harper.  Harper is the first person she looks for when she gets home from school.  Hayden and her are best friends.  They fight of course – a lot – but they play together and like to do most anything side by side.  Hadleigh likes to direct Hayden in how to play or what they’re playing, but Hayden is pretty head strong too ;) I love the relationship Hadleigh has with her sisters.
Hadleigh is the funniest.  She thinks her daddy is hilarious as well. She thinks poop and pee and butts are the funniest thing ever right now.  If someone trips, she laughs. But don’t you try laughing if she trips!

Some of the things I have written down she has said:
“I wish Isis and Duke could be people” (Car conversations)

“I don’t want Harper to grow up!” (in a very concerned and sad voice) UGH Hadleigh, I don’t want any of you guys to grow up!!

“Mom, I’m going to have lots of babies when I get older!” (Car conversations)

“My poop is like a hot dog!” (after she pooped)

Hadleigh handed me the atomically correct boy doll we have and told me it was a boy and then pointed at his penis.  I asked her to tell me what it was called. 
“No, you” – Hadleigh
“It’s called a penis” – Me
Hadleigh laughed. “oh! That rhymes with nut!”

Close Hadleigh. Close.
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