Sunday, March 22, 2015

Massanutten Resort {Weekend Getaway}

A few weeks ago we had a little family weekend getaway to The Massanutten Resort.  Groupon had a deal going, but I ended up getting a better deal through Massanutten themselves.  We left on a Friday afternoon and got checked in to our condo for the weekend.  The girls loved “our new house”!  Hadleigh even told us she loved our new house better than our old one. Ha!  We took it easy that night – getting settled, getting some dinner, and picking up some last minute groceries. 
Saturday morning we got up and took the girls to the Petting Zoo they had on the resort.  They were super excited to see all of the animals. Then as soon as we walked into the office to get our tickets, Hadleigh starts whining.
“IT STINKS!” {While holding her hands over her nose}
“IT’S SO SMELLY!” Now, holding her hands over her mouth only.  Which we then told her wasn't helping at all.
Can I just say how frustrating it is as a parent to do something fun for your kids, thinking they will enjoy it, and them straight up ruining it?!  It’s a funny story looking back now, but damn. 
We get the tickets and walk down to where all the animals are (Hadleigh still whining about the smell).  Hayden and Harper are excited to see the bunnies first.  We actually got to go into the cage with them to pet them.
  Hadleigh stood outside of the gate, still whining.
  We continued on to see the pigs, goats, turkey, chickens.  Hayden enjoyed herself.  
Hadleigh – still standing in the same corner – crying about the smell and how she is scared of the animals. 
 We finished off the petting zoo experience by seeing some horses and a camel.  We got into the car to go back to our condo so we could get ready for the waterpark. 
Naturally, our question to the girls (really Hayden) when we got into the car was, “What was your favorite animal?”
Hayden starts answering by saying the chickens, but then Hadleigh chimes in and tells us her favorite were the bunnies cause they were soo cute.  Really?! 4 year olds.

Back to the condo to get into our bathing suits for the indoor water park it was.  Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of the water park because my darn camera kept steaming up.  The girls had a blast though.  Water, slides, waterfalls, lazy rivers, and swings kept them busy for hours. 

 It was a nice break from the snow on the ground outside!  Other than the petting zoo, waterpark, and eating – we didn't do anything.  It was a nice little change of scenery from our normal weekend activities.

We might go back when the girls are a little older, but I will definitely make sure we have a full kitchen in the condo.  The restaurants are expensive on the resort, and their service was not great.  Lesson learned, but either way we had fun!

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