Monday, August 11, 2014

Our Beach Vacation Re-Cap!

Two weeks ago we were in Corolla, NC at the beach.  Oh how I wish we were back!  It was great weather every day except for our last day there.  We soaked up the beach, the pool, and great food.  It was definitely different going with 3 kids though – not your typical “relaxing vacation”.  Yes, it was relaxing being at the beach and away from our normal activities, but nothing’s truly relaxing when there are kids involved.
Just a few things we did during the week J
1 – We played on the beach and sat at the pool all week long - we even saw some wild horses one day on the beach!
2 – Hadleigh drove her first go-kart with daddy! She loved it!  Hayden was very upset she wasn't old enough to drive one herself, and yelled/whined for daddy the entire time.  Next year we will make sure they both get to go!
3 – The girls flew their first kite too!
4 – We had glow stick parties at night and even rode on a blanket “train” - and an obligatory picture with the pink horse!
5 – We even managed to get a few good pictures throughout the week
This picture reminds me of this hilarious post - "knock knock motha*****"!! Go read it!
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