Thursday, August 14, 2014

Harper 1-3 months

I can't believe we are in month three and I haven't posted about our precious baby girl. Well, other than her birth story. 
The first month was a rough one for me since I had a few medical hurdles. Thankfully, Harper was an angel. She didn't cry the entire first month - she just grunted. She grunted a lot though.  Not sure if she knew her mama was having a rough time or if it had to do with her being a month early or not.  Either way.  She latched immediately in the hospital, so we didn't have any issues with breast feeding. I've been lucky with nursing my girls.  A week after she was born she had to take a bottle one night since I had surgery and had to stay overnight in the hospital again.  I was upset I had to leave her so soon, but she was a champ.  Took the bottle perfectly and it didn't mess up our nursing routine when I got back home.  
By Month 2 she did finally cry for us!  The only times she cries is when she is hungry and I'm not getting her fast enough or if she's tired.  
She loves being talked to and smiles all the time.  Her sisters are always in her face, touching her, and giving her kisses.  She doesn't mind it too much, but we try to give her a break from them a lot of the time.  Harper doesn't enjoy tummy time and will start to get fussy a minute or two after I put her there.  Honestly, I don't give her as much tummy time as she probably should get. Oops!  
She's getting so big! She got weighed a little before her 3 month birthday and she weighed 13 pounds.  She looks like she will be built like Hadleigh is built - which is a little more stocky and muscular than Hayden. 
She looks just like her daddy in this picture!! I just bake the babies and they come out looking like their daddy :) Even though life is crazy with three, we cannot imagine our lives without our baby Harper!!

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