Friday, August 29, 2014

Hadleigh is 4 Years Old!!

Our 1st baby is 4! Hadleigh amazes us every day - I love our little conversations we can have now :)
Hadleigh just started Pre-K and she will be going to school Monday through Friday.  So far she’s doing great!  Her teacher says she is an awesome helper.  We get lengthy updates on what she is learning throughout the day, so it makes our afternoon conversations fun. She’s already starting to write more, draw stick figures, and likes to figure out what letter a word starts with.  She will say, “hey mom, what’s baby start with? buhbuhbuh - B!” We love how excited she gets!
Hadleigh loves to negotiate with us to get her way and her teacher has told me she will do it to her as well!  Apparently the other day she tried to tell Ms. Casey that it was OK for her to eat her marshmallows first “because they are different colors just like fruit” Ms. Casey responded with “Nice try.” Ohhh she is a hand full!!
She still loves pink! Most of her clothes are pink, but we have been able to get a few more colors in there for her  fall/winter wardrobe - whew!  She is in ⅘ girls, some 4T & some 5T clothes and then a size 9 shoe. It really just depends on the type of clothing and where its from.  Frozen is still a pretty big hit in our house - Hadleigh & Hayden both!  She’s getting more into Barbie’s, loves playing school, riding her bike, playing store, fixing things with her tools - and still loves to just stuff any bag she can get her hands on.
Eating is getting better - more for me because I know what she won’t eat and I don’t stress myself out on it anymore. I just offer her the things I know she will eat. If it looks weird, chances are she doesn't like it or won’t try it. I can’t really blame her.  Chicken, fries, yogurt, mandarin oranges, grapes, chips, and salad are a few of her favorites.
Hadleigh is a big helper usually when it comes to her little sisters.  More so with Harper as she loves to give her kisses and touch her.  She loves Hayden as well - they are best friends - but Hayden can walk and talk and take toys, so she can get frustrated with her.  
Some funny things Hadleigh has said:
{While she was making a card for someone, she looks up at me} “I love you bitch”

“I want to be a policeman, a teacher, and a mom” {A mom? That’s so exciting! How many kids do you want?} “One, Two, Three. Just like you”
{I asked her what her three kids names were going to be} Chairily, Percules, and some other name I couldn't make out because it sounded like jibberish to me.

{As we were waiting in the long Chick-fil-A drive thru line} “Freakin’ cars not moving away!”

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