Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hayden's Birthday Party Re-Cap

Hayden’s party was a pool/crab theme this year.  I didn't indulge too much with decorations since it was going to be outside at the pool.  We kept it simple and only invited a few friends on top of our immediate family.  We ordered pizza and bought some cupcakes for everyone to enjoy.  I did make the cupcake toppers and the goody bags for the kids. 

I loved how the cupcake toppers turned out – nothing outrageous, but they were super cute!  I just used construction paper, scissors, glue, toothpicks, and stickers. It was time consuming making them all, but I had fun doing it!  The kids loved their goody bags filled with water balls, water guns, bubbles, a straw and costume rings.  Like I said, very simple.
Hayden loved swimming around and she really enjoyed all of her gifts she received from our loved ones.  She got a new princess patio set and more baby dolls & accessories. She’s in heaven playing with them all!  It’s still hard to believe she’s 2!

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