Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New House Project - Half Bathroom

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen that we've been working on another little house project!  {If you don’t follow, you should. You’ll see a lot of cute little girls. You've been warned.}
The ½ bathroom off of our utility room needs some serious lovin’.  Take a look at the before pictures – the wallpaper was ridiculous and the vanity took up so much room in there.
Daniel and I started taking down the wallpaper by using our clothes steamer ;) It totally worked for the top layer.  There was still some left on the wall, so we got out a spray bottle and filled it with 1/3 water & 2/3 fabric softener. Worked like a charm. It scraped the rest of the paper right off the wall.
I then talked Daniel into pulling up the hardwood in there, so we could put new flooring down.  I wanted to be able to start from an empty room, so we could do whatever we wanted.  We've already decided what to do with the walls, although I need to decide on a color.  We are going to wait to take a trip to the tile shop and decide on a new floor then.

Stay tuned for more updates on Instagram and then the final result!!

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  1. I hear that taking down wallpaper is one of the worst things ever!!! Sounds like you figured out a way to make it easier.

    1. Yeah thankfully it wasn't too too bad - but I definitely don't want to do it again in the near future!