Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hayden is 2 Years Old!

Another year down in the books! Hayden is the big 2! She’s a firecracker for sure.  Hayden can be the sweetest little girl, but can also be mean as well.  She has a big sister to stand up to!  Hayden is so fun and determined and we love watching her grow!
Hayden currently goes to school 3 full days a week and will continue with that schedule probably until she starts preschool.  She was doing really well and not crying when I dropped her off, but then she started crying every morning a couple months ago.  They have a “biter” in her class, and she’s been the victim a few times.  I think the crying started at the same time she got bit.  That was a few months ago and no biting incidents, so it’s just a phase {and manipulation of me cause she’s fine the entire day}.
Hayden is our eater.  She loves food and is definitely not as picky as her sister.  She sometimes is finicky, but it’s just a mood.  She loves mandarin oranges, cheese, doughnuts, chicken, and LOVES any kind of sauce you’ll give her {including soy sauce}.
Hayden is our little mother.  She loves baby dolls and playing mother to her babies.  She pats them on the back to burp them and when putting them to sleep.  She will even cover Hadleigh up and pat her on the back when they’re playing.  It’s really sweet. Hadleigh & Hayden play well with each other and truly love each other.  They fight often and don’t share very well, but that’s kids for ya!  Hayden has learned from Hadleigh and loves a good bag to carry her toys around in.

Hayden still isn’t talking too much.  We went to a few speech therapy sessions, but I felt like they weren’t doing anything different than what we were doing at home.  So we ended the sessions.  She will pick up talking on her own pace.  She’s saying a lot more than she was, but it’s still slow coming. Hayden still has her beloved bippy {pacifier}.  It’s going to be a big struggle to get that thing from her.  When she is at school she only gets it for nap time and does wonderful.  When she is home with Daniel and I, she wants it all the time.  We are suckers and usually give in.  We will work on taking it away within the next 6 months probably.

Hayden isn’t potty trained, but is interested in the potty.  She likes to go “pee-pee” and just sit on the toilet and wipe.  They take them to the potty at school every now and then and she usually just sits there as well.  When I picked her up last week, her teacher told me she actually WENT! Woop woop!  She’s not fully ready, but showing signs so I’m pretty excited!
Funny things she says/does:
She loves any kind of sauce and always wants “Mo” {more}
How she pats your back when she wants you to go nite nite
She waves her finger at you and says “no no!”
She will put her hands up in the air and shake her head as if she is saying “I don’t know”

She has the funniest and most animated facial expressions

Mommy, Daddy, Hadleigh, and Harper love you so so much!!
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