Thursday, February 6, 2014

Girls' Play Room Inspiration

I’ve been itching to make-over the girls playroom.  It’s one of the last rooms upstairs that needs to be done and with a third girl on the way, I know there will just be more “stuff” in our future!  Right now we pretty much have everything neatly organized along each of the walls, rug, and a small table in the middle of the room. 
I still want good storage for everything, but I also want some fun focal areas.  Like a dress-up area, baby area, dollhouse area, school area, kitchen area, and music area.  All of that in one little room!  I want a fun color on the wall and want to definitely include a chalk/magnetic board that we will frame in. 
Hadleigh's already put her order in for a pink room, but I'm not sold. We have the slanted ceilings and then white wains-coating covering the walls themselves.  We will keep the wains-coating, but want color above...yellow maybe?  She would love this:
Here are a few pictures I've added to my "Girls Playroom" board on Pinterest:

What does your playroom/area look like?

Do you have any other fun ideas?

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