Thursday, February 13, 2014

Apple Cinnamon Pancakes {Recipe}

I needed to come up with a recipe that:
1 – Hid a fruit or vegetable in there
2 – Used apples since we had so many after we went apple picking!

So, I figured I’d make some apple cinnamon pancakes for the girls. They love pancakes and it was something sweeter, so how could they resist?

You'll need:
A few apples
Pancake mix
Vanilla extract (optional)
Tablespoon sugar (optional)

First, I peeled the skin off of the apples, and cut them into smaller pieces.
I stuck them into my food processor to get the apples super small.  Another alternative is just putting some applesauce in there (I've done that too).
I use pre-made pancake mix (it's easier and makes yummy pancakes) so I mix that with water to make the amount I want. Add your apples or applesauce next.  Then add some cinnamon, vanilla extract, and sugar to your liking.  I'm not much on measuring, but don't worry - you really can't mess this up!
You can even add chunks of banana or chocolate chips into the pancakes to make things even more fun :)
Place on the griddle and enjoy! My girls ate these right up - I think they each had 3.  I hope you like them as much as we did!

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  1. Yum these look so good! Also I thought of H names I like ....
    Harper... Btw I know one and she is super sweet!
    It would probably be hard to have a Hadliegh and a Hallie but maybe not.

  2. I'm back with more...

  3. Apples are such a good mix-in when it comes to baking--I recently made apple muffins because I had a bunch of apples to use up. :)