Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Fresh Beat Band & Christmas Lights

We had a few exciting things planned back in December for the girls.  Earlier in 2013, we had purchased tickets for Hadleigh to see The Fresh Beat Band.  Originally, Daniel and I had planned on only taking Hadleigh, but when we found out Hayden would be free we decided to take her.  She loves music as well, and seems to be a little more outgoing than Hadleigh was at her age, so we knew she would enjoy it. 
Traffic was a little worse than we thought, but we made it in time!  I had packed drinks and a snack for the girls, but we got popcorn to snack on before the show started.  The girls were a little shy when the concert started, but they loosened up and started dancing.  I had purchased tickets in the balcony, but first row.  I thought it was a better move, so nothing was blocking Hadleigh’s view to anything.  Next time, I will go for a floor seat.  All the action happens down there – the beach balls being thrown around, confetti in the air, and even the guys from the band coming out into the audience to see the kids. 
Overall we had a great time!  Daniel and I really enjoyed watching all the kids in general.  It was so cute seeing how excited they got over the band.  And on top of that, how much they all danced!

We also took the girls to see the tacky light tour in Richmond. Nene, Baba, and Steve went with us to enjoy the tackiness. J  We didn't do the official tour, but we used Google to map the way for us.  Last year we stuck with the houses in Hanover, but this year we decided to go see the houses on the West End of Richmond.  A lot of people get the Richmond Trolley, or a big van, or a limo to drive them around to each house – which looks so fun!  Pack some adult beverages and enjoy the company and the tacky lights…maybe next year!  This year our little family tacky light tour worked out great.  Hadleigh and Hayden loved seeing all of the lights!  We got out and walked around a few of the really tacky houses (houses that were worthy enough to get everyone out of the van), so I was able to get a couple pictures.  

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