Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Boursin Cheese Pasta w/ Mushrooms & Spinach {Recipe}

I made a really good and easy recipe the other night for dinner.  It’s not too cheesy and not too garlicky for all of you who are wondering after reading the ingredients.  I stumbled across the recipe and of course I can’t remember where the heck I found it.  I ended up wanting something more to add to it, so that’s when I added in the spinach and pasta.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!!

You’ll need:
Pasta – I used Angel Hair
Boursin Cheese – Garlic & Herb (I actually picked up Alouette Cheese spread instead)
Button Mushrooms – about 12 ounces
Fresh Spinach
Heavy Whipping Cream

- Boil your pasta
- Sauté the Mushrooms (I cut them in half vertically) & Spinach in butter, and then set aside.
- In the same pan melt the cheese spread and add ¾-1 cup of the cream.  Add salt & pepper.  Then mix in your mushrooms and spinach.
- Spread over pasta


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