Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter Sunday was perfect this year!  It was beautiful outside and we had a great day spending time with both families.  We started the day off by Hadleigh digging into her 1st Easter basket at our house from the Easter Bunny.  He brought some good books, which she loves to read.

As we were playing with all the fun things in Hadleigh's Easter basket, we were graced with a bunny's presence in our backyard!! 

We then got Hadleigh dressed in her Easter dress (thank you Lilia!!) and tried to take some "Easter pictures" outside.  They're not professional by any means, but it works!  Hadleigh wasn't too interested in posing for the pictures that morning.  She was more interested in all the fun things mommy put around her as pictures props.

After the pictures, Daniel, Hadleigh, and I went to brunch with Nana, Papa, and Uncle Steven.  We chose Starlite and it was really good.  We got to sit outside and Hadleigh really enjoyed looking at the cars go by.

After brunch we came back to our house for Hadleigh to go through the basket that the Easter Bunny brought her at Nana & Papa's house! What a lucky baby!

To be continued....

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