Friday, May 6, 2011

8 Months Already! (4.29.11)

What  a big girl!! We'll be starting to plan her 1st birthday soon! This makes me happy and excited but a little sad at the same time.  So many things come into perspective when you have kids it's crazy. Thinking about the future just makes me think how anxiety-ridden I'll be - as if I'm not already by nature!  But kids are the best things in life, it really is amazing.  I'm so thankful to be the mommy of such a precious little girl. She's getting quite the personality and I cannot wait for more and more to show through.

Sleeping is very consistent with her.  She usually goes to bed anywhere from 7:30-8:30 on weekdays.  We usually push her bedtime on the weekends, since we aren't held to much of a schedule so she usually goes down between 8-10.  If she's had a busy day she'll go right to bed, but other days she fights it terribly!  She doesn't want to miss anything, so sometimes we have to relax and come back to putting her down a little later.  A couple Saturdays ago she didn't go to bed until 10pm because she had so much energy.  She was crazy!  Talking and squealing and moving and jumping all over Daniel and I in our bed.  It was so funny.

Hadleigh still only has 2 bottom teeth.  She's chewing on everything and her gums feel swollen on the bottom sides, but nothing has shown through yet.  We shall see.

We stopped going to PT after the 2 sessions.  I felt like the second session was just a recap of the first, so I didn't go again.  He was really good and provided things we needed to work with her on, so we're sticking to that.  From there it's really up to Hadleigh.  We know she can roll over, she just chooses not to :) She has rolled over a few times since PT, but it's definitely not on a regular or consistent basis.  She pulls herself up on things - either her table toy, the couch, or the ottoman usually.  From a full sitting position she has a little trouble, but if she's sitting in my lap she does awesome.  She loves to be standing up so she likes standing and leaning on furniture - she'd definitely rather do that than be on her stomach!  From a sitting position she will go into a crawling position, but she's not crawling just yet.  She rocks back and forth and she will move an arm forward, but hasn't quite got the coordinating leg movement yet.  I think it will come very soon!

As I said above, her personality is really starting to show more and more. She smiles all the time still - she really is a happy baby.  She whines to be picked up, mainly around me cause she knows I will I guess. She says dada and mama, its so cute.  She doesn't consistently say them in the right context yet, but she says mama at more of the right times.  She actually says "ma" more so than "mama". haha.  When she's on the floor and gets into her crawling position, she gets mad if she can't get it the first time.  It's so funny, she gets upset at things she's trying to do and doesn't get it right on the first try.  She'll try a couple times and then give up - that's where her stubborn-ness comes through.  She's talking more and more and squealing more and more.  She always has to be moving - even when we're getting her to practice walking with us, in between steps she dances/bounces. She's definitely all over the place and she's not even crawling yet.  She LOVES to be thrown around, swung around.  She would probably love a rollercoaster now too.  She really likes sitting outside watching everything including Isis and Duke.  She also loves the wind blowing in her face and hair.  She gets super excited and very smiley.  She's the best!

Daniel and I enrolled Hadleigh into Rompn'roll for 3 months.  She seems to really enjoy the different activities and I think the social interaction is great.  She doesn't get to see kids on a regular basis, so it's good for her.  Nana takes her to her class every Monday.  Then we try to take her to an open gym once a week - which usually ends up being Friday night.  There's a lot of older kids in the open gym, but it's something different for her to get to do with the two of us.

Hadleigh's Daily Routine
6-6:30am - wake up for the day & drink a bottle (7 ounces)
Takes a little cat-nap usually before Nana comes
Nana comes at 7:30 - Daniel and I leave at 7:45ish
She takes a morning nap somewhere in here
Eats cereal & a fruit and drinks water in sippy cup at 9-9:30am
She will play and maybe have a small catnap
Drinks a bottle (6.5-7ounces) 11am
Playing with toys on floor
Eats cereal & veggie and drinks water - 1pm
Takes her main afternoon nap / outside play / walk
Drinks a bottle (6.5-7 ounces) - 3pm
We feed her a vegetable, fruit, & drinks water
She'll either be up playing or take a small cat-nap
Bath (every other night)
Change into pajamas, read a book, drink a bottle (6.5-7 ounces)
Daniel and I rock her to sleep or lay in our bed til she falls asleep and then put her in her crib for the night!

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