Tuesday, May 31, 2011

9 months! (5.29.11)

Another month past - this has been a big milestone kind of month :)  Hadleigh is getting more and more fun as she starts to move and show even more of her personality.  I love her soo much!!

Sleeping is the same - we only really have problems when she's teething (like she is right now - those top 2 teeth should be in ANY day now!).  And when I say problems, I don't really mean it because all she is, is a little fussy so it takes me longer than the usual 5 minutes to get her to sleep when I rock her.  She's pulling up so much on things and crawling (yes I said crawling...finally!) that Daniel and I dropped her crib the other night.  We definitely dropped it at the right time, cause she pulls up any chance she gets.

As I mentioned above, Hadleigh still only has the 2 bottom teeth, but those top 2 should be in any day.  They are bothering her so much - poor thing.  She has slept a lot today because of them hurting her and she is chomping on everything.  I can't wait to see her with 4 little teeth!

Hadleigh is on the move!  She was already pulling herself up onto everything, but now she just seems so much more independent and active.  She can crawl now - and now that she can crawl she's rolling around a lot more.  She knows that she has to be on her stomach to get to the crawling position pretty much.  So much for PT!!  We saw Dr. Christian the other day (5.26) and she's not sure if Hadleigh will be walking by a year, but she said her language is advanced :)  Hadleigh will saw Mama, Dada, and I believe sometimes Nana.Hadleigh really likes playing with this activity table she has.  When she pulls herself up onto the table, her hand always hits the red square, or the red piano key and the woman on the toy will say "red".  One day last week we heard her try to say "red" - she didn't quite get the "d" sound out, but it was so cute!!

While we were at the doctor, we were told to start feeding her some table food when we can.  I'm excited to get her to try different foods we eat :)  She got a perfect report from the doctor and this time she only got one shot, but they pricked her finger :(
Here are her stats:
Weight: 20 pounds 8 ounces (80%tile)
Height: 29 inches (85%tile)
Head: 18cm (90%tile)

Hadleigh's Daily Routine
6-6:30am - wake up for the day & drink a bottle (7 ounces)
Takes a little cat-nap usually before Nana comes
Nana comes at 7:30 - Daniel and I leave at 7:45ish
She takes a morning nap somewhere in here
Eats cereal & a fruit and drinks water in sippy cup at 9-9:30am
She will play
Drinks a bottle (6 ounces) 11am
Playing with toys on floor
Eats cereal & veggie and drinks water - 1pm
Takes her main afternoon nap / outside play / walk
Drinks a bottle (6 ounces) - 3pm
We feed her a vegetable, fruit, & drinks water
She'll either be up playing or take a small cat-nap
Bath (every other night)
Change into pajamas, read a book, drink a bottle (7 ounces)
Daniel and I rock her to sleep or lay in our bed til she falls asleep and then put her in her crib for the night!

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