Wednesday, December 1, 2010

November (minus Thanksgiving)

Thanksgiving deserves it's own post and plus our camera isn't working so hot right now, so I'm waiting for the pictures from my dad and Daniel's aunt.

Hadleigh started off the month by having her big 2 month doctors appointment on  Nov. 3rd.  She did really well! She's in the 50th percentile now, so she's caught up a little.  She weighed in at 10 pounds 11 ounces and 22" long.  She had to get 2 shots in each leg and then get an oral medicine.  She did not like the taste of the medicine and she cried pretty hard when the shots went in, but it only lasted a second.  I did a lot better than I expected - I got a little teary eyed thinking about it before we actually got to the doctor, but no tears when it was happening.

The first weekend in November we went down to the rivah for the Oyster Festival.  It's actually the first time I've been down there since July 4th weekend.  With bed rest and the delivery I hadn't had a chance to get down there.  My parents even bought a house down there, closed at the end of July, and I hadn't even seen it yet! I feel like I packed up Hadleigh's entire life! I wanted to make sure we had everything just in case. It was a little stressful for Daniel and I since both our parents have houses down there now, so we didn't know how the split time was going to work, but it did! We went to the Oyster Festival on Friday to avoid the huge crowds.  Hadleigh slept most of the time as we all walked around looking at the different stands and eating the good food.  I really wanted to partake in the wine tasting last year but didn't, so this year I made a point to do it.  I dragged Daniel with me - we ended up tasting a couple of wines we both really liked.  I bought a bottle and then we headed home.  The rest of the weekend was just hanging out with both families which was really nice.  Hadleigh did good sleeping at a different house than usual and Erik loved her being around.
 pretty smile!
 This picture cracks me up
 Tyler & erik watching "Thomas" I'm sure!
 after bath time in the sink!
 Daniel and his dad
 us at the party

November 12th was an unexpected night out with some girls.  It was last minute, but Ashley, Ashley, and Michelle were able to come! We had a lot of fun - we started out at Plaza Azteca for some mexican which was so good! Then we left there and went to Three Monkeys and ended the night at Banditos.  It was definitely weird being out, and I missed Hadleigh, but I did have a really good time.  Next time it'll be planned ahead of time, so more girls can make it out!

I had to take Hadleigh to the doctor because she has reflux.  At her 2 month appointment I was telling her doctor about it, so she put her on Zantac to help.  It's been helping but still not fully, so I took her in again.  We switched tghe formula I had her on, so hopefully this helps!  I stopped pumping around the second week of November.  I was pumping twice a day, and then it got to once and now none.  I wish I would have kept up with it a couple more weeks atleast - well I'll know for the next one!  I haven't even really completely dried up, so I wonder if I can get it back by just starting to pump again?! much as I want to start back up, pumping is annoying. The new formula seems to be working too, so I think we've found a good combo.  I had to take Hadleigh back to the doctor less than a week after that visit because she had her first cold:( Poor thing was so stuffy and sneezy and coughing.  Then she did have a fever one night - she was not feeling well at all.  She got better a few days later, but we're still battling with the stuffy nose!

I've decorated for Christmas already (since about a week before Thanksgiving).  Pictures to come soon!!

Kelli and I decided to go Black Friday shopping this year.  We were planning on going around 3am, but we started texting eachother at around 10:30, and decided to just go out.  So we started at 11:30pm - we were both so excited!  we haven't done the all-night shopping before - it was fun!  We drove by Toys R Us but it was a mad house and we said screw it, so we went to Old Navy and stood in line until they opened at midnight.  We left there went to Walmart which was not bad at all.  We left there around 1:30-2 and headed over to Kohls who opened up at 3am.  We were pretty far back in the line, so I checked facebook to start passing time.  I found out Kelly Clemons Huckstep was in line there too, so Kelli went to go find her.  She was in the front with Robert and they were nice enough to let us in line with them :) Surprisingly, no one flipped out on us either.  We got in there but actually didn't end up buying anything...the lines got ridiculously long very quick to check out.  We left there and headed to Macys which opened at 4am.  We were the first ones in the door and I got most of Daniel's Christmas presents there (I'm DONE with him!).  Kelli needed some food (she's 5 months preggo and shopping all night!) so we stopped at McDonalds and headed to Bed Bath and Beyond.  We both got  some things and headed home at 6:30am.  Very successful and a lot of fun - definitely will be doing it again next year!

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