Monday, December 27, 2010

Mommy Group

I started thinking about how many girls that I know have had babies and how much fun it would be to start getting everyone together. So one day I wrote a message on facebook to a bunch of them - very random I will admit - but we all have something in common! I thought it would be neat to get together, have the kids play, we could all talk and discuss all the things we go through as moms, and just build new friendships. It actually turned out really well and most girls responded. So the beginning of December was our first group play date. Tori let us all come to her house for the first meeting - we all brought some food and we really just hung out and talked. We got all the babes lined up on the couch to snap a couple of pictures - it was the cutest thing! We decided that once a month we would all get together, so stay tuned for more mommy groups!
 Rachel & Owen
 Amber, Owen, Paden, and Sarah
 Easton, Addi, Hadleigh, Chloe, and Elijah
 Easton, Addi, Hadleigh, Chloe, Elijah, Rachel, Owen, Adleigh, & Paden
Adleigh & Hadleigh
 Tori, Addi, Mandie, Angela, & Elijah
Adleigh & Addi

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