Friday, November 19, 2010

October 2010

October 1st - I finally get my hair done!! I needed something to boost a little confidence back in me, so I got my hair highlighted and trimmed.  I definitely felt better after this, now I'm just waiting to work out and tan again.
October 2nd - Hadleigh's first cookout! Daniel & I headed over to Tori, Richard, and baby Addi's to hang out for a little bit.  It was nice getting to see them again.  Addi was born 9/14/10, so Hadleigh has few friends already and she's only a little over a month old! We had a nice time hanging out, eating, and having a drink with some friends.  Hadleigh and Addi were really good the whole time - they pretty much slept through everything.  It's nice to get together with Kristy and Tori since they do have little girls so close to Hadleigh's age.  We share all kinds of stories and questions with eachother.
October 4th - I went to the doctor for my 6-week check up.  Once again, my doctor acted like Hadleigh wasn't even in the room.  How does she not want to hold her or look at her and tell me how cute she is?! This amazes me to no end.  Once again, all she was worried about was looking at "her work" which she said was healing great by the way.  Whatever. As I was walking out of the room she goes, "See you in January for your annual!" I'm thinking in my head...."No you won't bia!"
October 9th - We've decided we need 2 cars instead of just one.  Having only one car has been a little difficult since Hadleigh was born.  Daniel started looking online, and found s 2002 BMW 330i that he really liked at a good price.  So we drove up to Northern VA to go take a look at it. Daniel test drove it and liked it even more after we saw it.  We didn't commit or buy - we just drove back home to think about it some more before making our decision. We got back around lunch time and just hung out around the house before we left to go out to celebrate our anniversary.  We dropped Hadleigh off with my parents (the were out to dinner at the time and then were just going to come back to our house until we got home) and then we headed to dinner ourselves.  We wanted to go to The Boathouse, but when I called there was 1 hour 45 minutes wait! No way! So we ended up going to Tobacco Company which was really good.  Then we met up with Tori and Richard at Sidewalk for a few drinks since it was their first night out as well.  We had a really good time, but we were back home by 11pm - we missed our babygirl!
October 10th - Our 1 year wedding anniversary!
October 16th - We headed back up to Northern VA to buy the BMW we test drove the week before.  Daniel and I both really liked it, and it was a good price, so we went for it.  We ended up leaving Hadleigh in Ashland with my parents because I knew I was going to have to drive back alone in the Murano and the traffic up there had me so anxiety riden the week prior, I didn't want to feel that again with her in the car. it worked out great - I felt sane driving!  Before we headed home, we had lunch with Chelsea & Jarrod.  we went to this cute little restaurant for lunch, which was delicious! Chelsea was a little upset (to say the least) that we didn't have Hadleigh with us.  It was a nice lunch! And they told us the big news that they bought a house up there! Woohoo Chels & Jarrod! I'm so excited to come back up there and see everything!! That evening we went to Tommy & Robin's 25th wedding anniversary party.  We love seeing them since they're such close friends of the family. Below is a picture of Hadleigh & I at the party.
October 28th - Hadleigh & I drove out to Beaverdam to Erin & Michael's house.  Michael had prepared a surprise birthday cook out/get together for Erin's birthday - which was great because she had no clue and was so angry thinking she wasn't going to do anything at all for her birthday! It was worth it, because she was really surprised! Their house is so cute out there!
October 29th - Hadleigh is 2 months!! Holy moly she's getting big so fast!  She's smiling up a storm now and we love when she talks to us. Here's her 2 month picture I took:

She has a red tint in her hair that comes out in certain light.  She's so pretty!! 
Here's a picture of her smiling.
That same night I planned a "surprise" cookout for Daniel's birthday.  It was supposed to be a surprise since I knew if I told him, he'd say no.  So I told his friends to come and didn't tell him.  Then I got a text from Frank telling me Sarah could make it and Daniel read the text before I got to it. Nosey! So he knew about it, but it was still fun! My mom and his mom both helped me out with the food - which was yummy! We had a good turn out, it was awesome to see everyone here.
 Cutest baby there!

This is our new photo collage in our hallway!
October 30th - Daniel's 26th birthday!
October 31st - HALLOWEEN! Hadleigh's 1st Halloween at that! She was the cutest ladybug ever! We went to Ashland to see Gran & Gramps and then over to see Nana, Papa, Uncle Steven, and Great Grandma.

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