Friday, December 3, 2010

We have a laughing baby!!

Yesterday I was out with Hadleigh, Tori, and Addi - we had gone to costco to get a few things for our first mommy group (will post about that later this weekend) and decided to head to Target afterwards. Both babies had been asleep, but Hadleigh woke up and started to get fussy so I took her out of her seat and carried her around Target while we browsed.  We went to look at all of the Christmas stuff - I was looking for a little trinket to put by our TV at home, so I bent down in front of an end cap....then it happened....
Hadleigh started laughing! 
It was awesome! She laughed, then stopped, and then laughed again :) It was so cute and I cannot believe her first laugh was in Target looking at Christmas decorations.  I told Tori, if only we had caught it on camera - I could have made some money from Target! I can't wait for her to really laugh hard and long.  When I got home, I fed her and then went back to her room to change her, so of course I tried to get her to laugh some more.  I got another one by me saying "ahhhh.....BOO!" to her! Of course Daniel was at the gym, so he missed it :( He'll hear it soon enough! So exciting!
Tori thankfully had her camera, so she took a "post giggle" picture

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