Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Weeks leading up to birth

My last update was August 15th - and now that I'm looking back, I'm so mad at myself for not keeping up with this! Grrr...so much has happened and now instead of writing out exactly how I was feeling during the moments, I have to remember and write about it.  Not the same, but I guess it will have to do.

So, August 17th, my blood pressure was up a lot.  I took it and it was 140/95 - I took it a coupe minutes later and it was 150/100 - a couple minutes later is was 155/106.  So, I called the doctor knowing that they were just going to tell me to come to the hospital :( I packed up my bag and Daniel drove me there.  Mom met us there since she was on her way home from work. They admitted me of course which meant bed rest in the hospital until delivery = NO FUN.  I literally was going insane being on bed rest and the hospital made it that much worse. I still got my ultrasounds every week - she looked great.  The only thing they told me was that my fluid was elevated a little, so when my water breaks I would definitely know!

Saturday August 21st was my last baby shower Daniel's side of the family was throwing for me.  I was stuck in the hospital, so several of them came up to the hospital.  It was really sweet - they brought me plates of food, all the gifts for me to open, and the yummy cake!  We all hung out and they all watched me open up all of my gifts - Hadleigh of course got a ton! She's a lucky little girl!

Tuesday August 24th I had some visitors.  Kristy & Lily came to visit and Jen also came.  It was nice for them to come and break up the same boring days in the hospital.  There's only so much TV and word searches you can do.  Oh and facebook was blocked for most of my stay! even better!  Daniel was still going to work, so I would only see him for a couple of hours every night.  He was still staying at the house every night because Isis & Duke were still at the house.  I remember being upset that the last couple of weeks that we should have been enjoying with eachother was hugely disrupted by me being in the hospital.

By this point I was really going insane being in that hospital bed. I could only get up to go to the bathroom - thank god they let me shower everyday.  I had wheel chair privileges (about 30 minutes a day), but I didn't start using them until the 24th.  I hated feeling so vulnerable in a wheel chair when I could physically walk just fine on my own.

On the 26th, Cara, Ragan, Jessica, and Michelle all visited me! It was great to see them all and catch up a little with them.  That night I remember being extremely frustrated.  My blood pressure would randomly go up and all the nurses would do was to tell me to lay on my left side.  I also had a constant headache going on 3 days by now.  My doctor would tell me she was coming by to see me, but then send the doctor on call.  Which really ticked me off - I already had questioned whether or not I wanted to stay with her throughout my pregnancy, and in hindsight I totally should have switched docs and listened to my gut. But anyways,  when the doctor on call came by hat evening I expressed my concerns.  At this point my induction was scheduled for September 4th.  With the headaches and visual disturbances, and my blood pressure - I didn't want things to get so bad to the point where they would immediately have to give me a C-section to get her out.  I wanted to try to have a regular birth.  The on call doctor, listened to me, and then stepped out to call my doctor.  She came back about 10 minutes later and said, "How does having the baby Sunday sound?" ummmm WHAT?!  yes!!! Relief!  I was finally going to meet my precious baby girl and I was finally going to get out of this hospital! It all seemed surreal and nerves started kicking in, but I was super excited (and of course impatient as always)

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