Sunday, August 15, 2010

Baby Update

Everything is going well with the pregnancy, just a few bumps here and there.  I've been going to the doctor a lot more regularly because my blood pressure has been a little elevated.  Nothing major, but it's been on the borderline of "mild preeclampsia" so they've just been watching me and running blood / urine tests every couple of weeks to make sure everything's OK.  Well, we got back from vacation and I felt good.  I had a doctor's appointment, and it was still a little elevated, but nothing out of the norm.  I went back on Thursday 7/28 to drop off my urine sample and they wanted me to come by to get my blood pressure taken - no big deal.  So I went by, got my blood pressure taken and it was spiked at 140-something over 90-something.  Not crazy high, but once it hits 140/90 they become very concerned.  Especially since my normal throughout most of the pregnancy was 120/70 (minus when it was slightly elevated at 130-something /80-something the past few weeks).
So next thing I know, I'm being sent down to labor and delivery for monitoring.  They took blood, sent my urine off to get tested, and continuously took my blood pressure.  My blood work came back normal, but then my urine tests came back - I had too much protein show up which is a sign of preeclampsia.  They ended up admitting me in the hospital to the antepartum unit for bedrest.  After laying down most of the day, my blood pressure came down and then my protein levels ended up coming down as well.  On top of those symptoms, I had visual disturbances (floaters) and sharp pain in my upper abdomen - which are all classic symptoms of preeclampsia.  So I was diagnosed with a mild case of that.
They did ultrasounds and monitoring on babygirl and she's perfect, which was great news! She wasn't being affected by anything going on at all.
I was discharged by Saturday 7/30 - thank god!  But ever since then I've been on modified bed rest, so I've been at home pretty much!  Work is letting me work from home, which has been great to have something to do during the day.
I see my doctor again this Friday for a check-up, so we'll see what she says about when she thinks I'll deliver.  At one point in the hospital they sad they wanted me to make it to 38 weeks, and then we'd talk about induction.  We shall see.
Because of all this craziness, I get an ultrasound every week to make sure baby is doing fine.  She's great and gets a score of 10 out of 10 every week! Last Tuesday when I went, she was 5 pounds 9 ounces. Getting close!

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