Friday, November 19, 2010

September 2010

We're going to do this by month since I've been a slacker!

We came home September 1st - Hadleigh left the hospital and she was 5 pounds 15 ounces. She fed every 3 hours which she did great with! My routine ended up being: feed her on one side, change her diaper, then feed on the other side. I had to change her in the middle to wake her up.  Sometimes we would have to undress her as well to keep her awake.  Looking back I was so out of it the first couple of days I was at home.  Exhaustion and all that medication I was on!  It really seems blurry or like a dream that first weekend. Her first doctors appointment was on 9/2 and she weighed 6 pounds even! Woohoo - I was so happy to hear that! We gave Hadleigh her first bath on Friday 9/3 when my parents were over to cook us dinner.  I forgot to take pictures (I'm telling you I was OUT of it)!
Sunday 9/5 Linkowitz came over to do the newborn session.  We love love love him taking photos of our family, so we can't wait to have him for out next gig - whatever that may be.  He did our engagement, bridal session, wedding, maternity, and now the newborn session.  Here are a few of his pictures :)

Hadleigh and I both had doctors appointments on 9/10.  Hers was first and she weighed 6 pounds 10 ounces :) Everything looked great for her.  We then headed to my doctor (ugh).  They checked my blood pressure - which was still a little elevated from where it was in the beginning of my pregnancy, but it was lower than when I was on bed rest.  She told me I could stop taking the blood pressure medicine, but if I noticed my pressure elevated, then to start it again.  Hadleigh and Daniel both went with me - my doc didn;t even acknowledge Hadleigh at all!  I mean, if your an ob/gyn and you deliver babies all of the time, shouldn't you be ecstatic to see the cute baby you just delivered?! Nope not this doctor, all she was worried about was how her incision work was...really?! I'm changing doctors as soon as my 6 weeks are done!  I lost 20 pounds by this point.  My body image is horrible - it got bad the further along in the pregnancy I got, but now that I'm not pregnant anymore - it's worse!
My mom tlook the day off on 9/22 to hang out with Hadleigh and I.  We ran errands all day -Target, Martins, and then BabiesRUs.  We had a really good day! I was definitely tired by the end, but it was nice to get out of the house for the day.  I haven't been driving at this point, so I was stuck at home most of the time.
Hadleighs 1 month doctors appointment was on 9/24.  All went pretty well - she weighed 7 pouinds 12 ounces!  She still had jaundice, so I ended up having to take her to LabCorp to get her heel pricked to check her bilireuben(sp?). This was NOT fun at all. She did pretty well, she cried, and then as soon as the nurse stopped touching her foot she fell right asleep. That same night Daniel, Hadleigh, and I went out to dinner for the first time as our own little family.  We just went to Tripps and Hadleigh slept the whole time!! She was so good.  We enjoyed the dinner and IO enjoyed my first gladd of wine in forever! It was wonderful!
9/29 was Hadleigh's actual 1 month birthday - we couldn't beleive how time flies!  It was also my parents wedding anniversary, so we all went to mexican for dinner to celebrate everything. Here's Hadleigh's 1 month picture I took.
She's actually wearing the same outfit I came home from the hospital in <3 I wanted her to come home in it as well, but she was too small and it devoured her little body!

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