Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My last 3 days in the hospital

I had to stay in labor and delivery an extra night because the put me on magnesium after delivery.  They put you on it when you've had high blood pressure.  Hadleigh stayed in the room up until later in the night, when Daniel and I were going to try and get some rest.  I had them bring her back every 3 hours to feed.  Before they took her to the nursery, we had many visitors when she was born.  Nana & Papa (Daniel's parents), Gran & Gramps (my parents), Aunt KiKi & Uncle Chey & Cousin Erik, Uncle Steven, Great Aunt Lisa & Great Aunt Liz, and Kristy & Lily all came to see Hadleigh that first night. I was feeling pretty good, but I definitely was exhausted. We got as much sleep as we could have gotten with her coming in every 3 hours.
Monday August 30th, they transferred me to a post-partum room.  I felt awesome - a little groggy from being tired, but I couldn't wait to get out of bed and get a shower. So that's the first thing I did.  My pressure was still up but that was normal.  I spent all day admiring my beautiful babygirl and just cuddling with her.  We had a lot of visitors: Great Grandma, Nan & Papa, Gran & Gramps, Aunt KiKi, Uncle Steven, Jen & Kara, Ragan, Andrew, Ashley & Carter, Ashley T., Erin, Great Uncle Michael & Great Uncle Doug, Frank & Sarah, Jason, Cody & Leslie --- I think that's it. They tested Hadleigh for jaundice, and she ended up being a little high but it wasn't anything extremely concerning.  But they still put her under the light to make sure they knocked it out of her system before she went home.  I cried when they took her away to put her under the light, and then I cried again when Daniel and I walked out to go see her in the nursery.  Hormones were raging!
That night was rough.  I guess I was just super exhausted, I hadn't slept too much, and I just went through major surgery after being stressed out going crazy on bed rest. I woke up in a panic attack which was so horrible.  Daniel called the nurse into the room and my blood pressure was super duper high.  Of course it was going to be! I just had a panic attack! So from them on out, everytime a nurse came in there to take my blood pressure I would get super nervous.  I would've been able to go home Tuesday night, but they wanted me to stay an extra night because of my pressure and anxiety.  They put me on more meds and I was finally able to go home on Wednesday September 1st. WHEW! It was so nice leaving that hospital you don't even know!  I was so excited to be home with Hadleigh and so I could see my other babies Isis & Duke <3

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