Friday, November 13, 2009

Urbana Oyster Festival

Saturday November 7th - Daniel, Steven, Michelle, and I headed to the river in early afternoon.  We settled for a few minutes before we headed to the Oyster Festival.  It's my first year going and I definitely will be going back! For a few reasons:
1.  The people.  I love people watching.  It's a festival so of course there will be plenty of people to watch - and VERY interesting people at that.  The whole day we kept pointing at random people and making funny comments.  Rude? Maybe. Fun? ABSOLUTELY.
2.  The food. I'm not an oyster fan at all (although I've never tried them, but I can assure you I've looked at them...and that's quite enough).  We first stopped and got a cup of the Killer Crab Soup.  It was amazing! I wish I would have paid for a huge bucket to bring home with me.  We had to stop again....5 minutes later for Daniel and Michelle to get a corn dog. Daniel let me have a few bits and it was delicious as well.  At the end of the day I got a fried green tomato sandwich with Ranch dressing - which was really good! No food which is good for you, but that's the best kind right?!
3.  Alcohol. They had a wine tasting which Michelle and I really wanted to do, but didn't.  I can assure you next year I will be hitting that up.  So we went to the Beer Garden instead.  They have Coors Light cups which is very deceiving because they were only selling Miller Lite....I guess you have to take what you can get.  There was a band playing as well - and let me tell you they are NOT one of the reasons to come back again!
4.  The cute little town.  They shut down the streets around the entire town, which is pretty neat.  Most of the little quaint stores stay open so you can walk through them - we didn't walk through any of the stores, but it's good to know it's an option. :-)

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