Sunday, November 8, 2009

Honeymoon! I wanted to be packed by Thursday night before the wedding festivities started....didn't happen. Saturday came along and we still weren't packed, so the plan was to pack everything the night of the wedding.  We get home, we're exhausted, so we decided to set the alarm for 3am which was an hour before his parents were going to be there to pick us up to take us to the airport. Yeah...the alarm never went off, so we are woken up by his parents calling us to tell us they're outside waiting. SWEET - we busted our butts to get stuff thrown in the suitcase!
Main thing I didn't pack: MAKE-UP - so I look about 15 years old in all my pictures. You'd think I was able to find mascara atleast - NOPE.

Day 1: We got to Mexico at 1pm, but we were super tired, so we just layed around the room. Didn't even leave to eat - just ordered room service :)

Day 2: We went on a "Jungle Tour" with our own SpeedBoat.  Daniel drove of course! After we went through the "jungle", which by the way wasn't really a jungle, we snorkeled the reef.

Day 3: We hung out around the resort.  I loved every night at dinner b/c it was just Daniel and I where we could talk about the wedding and anything else that came to mind! It was great!

Day 4: We toured Chichen Itza which was AMAZING!

Day 5: Laid back day!

Day 6: We went to Xel-Ha for the entire day - it was absolutely gorgeous! They have so many activities for you to do there!


  1. Wow! Mexico looks awesome and the beach looks ridiculous.. coming from me, who lives ten minutes away from one of the most beautiful, sugary sand beaches.. is pretty special (Pensacola Beach, FL). What a fairy tale!

    1. ahh jealous of the 10 minute drive to the beach! I love Florida Beaches - well..I've only been to Clearwater ;) But it was gorgeous!