Monday, November 30, 2009


So another Thanksgiving has gone by....way too fast!  We had a total of 3 Thanksgiving dinners (this might explain the 5 pounds I've gained...ugh!)

First stop was Daniel's grandparents house - great food and family time.  The only picture I got was of Daniel trying on his gradma's glasses....hilarious!
We ended the day at my uncle's girlfriend's house.  We were pretty stuffed from the lunch, but we both squeezed in some sweet potato casserole - which is my favorite dish on Thanksgiving!  I was excited to get there and play with Erik! Here's a few pictures of our cutie of a nephew :) Love him!

Friday night we went to Carter & Ashley's house for another Thanksgiving dinner - this time with friends.  It was delicious! A lot of things we didn't have to eat the night before we got to eat there.  I took pictures but somehow my card was popped out of place, and the pictures got saved directly onto my camera.  As soon as I figure out how to get those off, I'll post to this.  For now, I only have one picture from that night and it's pretty bad quality....
Ashley and I hanging out on the stairs!

Daniel and I are thankful for so much this year! <3

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