Sunday, November 8, 2009

I'm finally Mrs. Harris!

Better late than never!

The big day was 10.10.09.

Friday morning my mom, mother in-law, sister, and some of my girls went and got our nails done - it was nice to relax before things got crazy!  We were able to get into The Wilton House a little early before the Rehearsal to start setting up - Boy did I wish I had a bottle of wine attached to my hip that afternoon! Brides, I totaly recommend this for the day before.  Our Dinner was at BlackFinn downtown and I was very happy with how everything went! The food  was great and of course the company was even better.  Daniel and I were really excited to give out our gifts:
We got both dads custom bobbleheads to look like themselves! Hilarious!
All My bridesmaids came back home with me to spend the night - which was so much fun! We talked for a while and had some laughs before we headed to bed to get some beauty sleep <3 I actually slept WONDERFUL!
Saturday was truly the best day! Everything turned out perfect! Daniel and I didn't see eachother at all after the rehearsal dinner until when I was walking down the aisle.  It made it that much more exciting to walk down the aisle!  I thought I was going to do well and not cry.....but the vows got me - Daniel even told me to get a hold of myself up there - you can hear it very clearly in our wedding video! haha
I'm glad we took the "posed" pictures now (after-the-fact) but during - they were SO annoying! ha I just wanted to get them over with so we could go party with everyone.  The party was great - I got a little more tipsy than I probably should have since it was my wedding night and everything...but it was a blast!