Friday, January 16, 2015


I just came across this article. So, I wanted to comment and elaborate a bit more on this.  I'm not entirely sure I would only include three year olds - can we add the age range 2.5-4?! Who's with me?! 

Here are some of the crazy things Daniel and I deal with {on the regular}:

  • Putting on socks the wrong way. "Mooommmm! It's tickling me!" (the seam, oh the seam) AND for the record - seamless socks are SO damn expensive!
  • Tags. "Daddy! It's scratching me!" "Take the tag out" Then we are followed into the kitchen, so she makes sure we cut it out.  She's not into the "faking out" thing.
  • Going limp while trying to get her dressed. A whole new level of frustrating.
  • Some days Hayden will cry/whine/refuse to get dressed unless it has a picture of Elsa on it
  • Hayden wanted pizza the other night for dinner.  I made the pizza and then she decided she didn't want it.  She heads to the fridge only to pick out a pizza lunchable --- it's the same thing just not melted cheese! 
  • Wanting a drink, but not picking the right cup(she wanted one with, no without the top)
  • Hadleigh ate turkey lunch meat and pineapples all the time and then overnight (literally) she decided she didn't like these anymore. So for the next 2 weeks, on our way to school, she asked me what was in her lunch to make sure I didn't pack those 2 things.  Some days even checking behind me to make sure.
  • Hadleigh had a friend in class whose parent got them Chick-Fil-A one morning.  The next morning she wanted it and when we told her we would go over the weekend instead - she cried. ..the entire way to school.
  • If you have more than one kid, one of them will want EVERYTHING the other has. EVERYTHING - drinks, underwear, gloves, shoes, shirts, hair clip...everything.

Please share your crazy stories to make this mama feel sane! 

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  1. Oh this just sounds like fun! Can't wait... I know Collins will be sassy and difficult because I was a bit of a pain in the ass. Okay, a big pain in the ass. What goes around comes around, right?!

    1. Exactly, but it still isn't fun! And your mom will sit back and chuckle. Sometimes it's hard not to laugh yourself! My mom always told me I implied "asshole" at the end of every sentence...can't wait!