Friday, January 23, 2015

Random Friday Thoughts

1 – Our house has been hit with the flu L No good!  I’m pretty sure Hadleigh brought it from school since 6 of her classmates are out sick – which is crazy.  Hadleigh hasn't had a fever at all, but has had a little bit of a cough.  Then Harper started with a fever, so we decided to take them all to the doctor.  I was sure Hadleigh was going to have strep, but no – tested positive for the flu.  Harper tested positive as well.  Hayden had just started with a fever when we took her, so her flu test was negative at the time – but the doc said she probably had it as well.  We left with prescriptions of Tamiflu.  $165 later – we were at home.  Yesterday was rough.  Hadleigh was thankfully fine – bored out of her mind.  Hayden, poor thing, spiked a fever of 104.2.  We were going to take her to the ER if a bath and some Motrin didn't bring it down, but thankfully it did.  Harper battled with the wheezing and fevers of 102.5.  There is nothing worse than seeing your babies feel so horrible.  By night time, Hayden seemed to be doing a bit better but Harper was still cranky.  I’m hoping they are on the mend though!
2 – Postpartum hair loss is growing back- and it’s in full force.  These little hairs are sticking straight up out of my head and it is insane.
3- Tomorrow I’m heading to Raleigh, NC to see one of my girlfriends and meet her new baby boy that was born at the end of October.  Eeekkk! Annddd less than 24 hours since writing this post - I have chest congestion and a cough. No traveling for me. I'm hoping I don't get it bad, but didn't want to get my friends sick! wahhhh 

4- Daniel has finished mudding the half bath and drilling down the backer board.  We will be working on tile and the wood wall soon!!   I had a nautical theme all thought up in my head, and then Daniel told me he wasn't a fan. So…back to the drawing board.  We are keeping the same colors though, so that won’t change.

5-  We made reservations for a fun family weekend in February to Massanutten Resort.  Hadleigh had mentioned she wanted to play in the snow, so I looked up places for a weekend getaway.  Not only do they have the option to go tubing, there’s a little indoor water park we can all enjoy as well.   I can’t wait to get away and have some fun!!

and a little extra goodie is a picture of myself and some friends from a 4th grade field trip. Fanny packs & sunglasses were apparently super cool!!

Happy Friday y'all!!
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  1. Hope your family gets to feeling better soon! And fanny packs... hahaha, lets hope those never come back in style. Once in my lifetime was enough. ;)

    1. i know right?! Won't that be funny if they DO end up coming back into style in our lifetime!! Thanks for stopping by!