Thursday, January 8, 2015

New Year New Goals

This year has already had me thinking a lot. I can’t figure out if it’s because I read a lot of blogs or this year just feels like a good time to start changing some things.  Both maybe?  Who knows. I’ve written down goals in the past, but really haven’t ever been one to really dwell on them throughout the year.  I’m not even sure I will this year, but I’ve been trying.  Here’s my list for this year:

1// be intentional with my time // I really want to enjoy the time spent with everyone. My kids, my husband, my family, my friends.  Playing with my girls, doing fun activities and crafts, and just having fun is on the list this year.  Those are the moments they’re going to cherish growing up.  Daniel and I need date nights, a vacation just the two of us, and some fun.  We work hard both at work and at home and we really need to remember to take time for us.  I need to be better at reaching out to my friends – I get caught up in my own daily routines, that even those phone calls to catch up aren't made enough as they should be.  Spending time with family – laughing, talking, eating, drinking. Time – and being intentional with it.  A side thought to this is less phone time.  Not scrolling through Facebook or Instagram as much. I mentioned the other day maybe even leaving the phones at a charging station somewhere in the house?
2// yell less // honestly, we don’t yell all the time, but it’s still too much. I’m so tired after coming home from work that my frustration level is high and I immediately feel guilty. I don’t want the girls to think we yell all the time – either directly to them or between Daniel and I. I just need to be patient on certain things and letting the girls do things their own way or on their own time (when it’s appropriate of course).  
3//  be more positive and less negative // I’m an anxious person, so I can be pretty negative in some situations.  I really want to focus on being more positive.
4// save money // Cliché, I know. BUT, I’m horrible with saving money.  I really want to try and stick to a budget this year – wish me luck!
5// tackle house renovations // Daniel and I have so many things we want to do in this house!  I mean, the bathroom we gutted back in July (when I was on maternity leave) is STILL sitting there gutted. Yeah, so there’s that.  Here’s the list in full – definitely not going to get to all this year!
-  ½ bath that’s gutted already
-  Refinishing the back deck and adding a sunroom
-  Knock down the wall between our den & formal dining room to make one big den
-  turn our {empty} formal living room into the dining room
-  paint the foyer and add gallery wall up the stairs

That was just a list within a list. This post is done.

Any goals or lists for your 2015?

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