Friday, January 9, 2015

Harper 8 months

Harper Madden is 8 whole months! She is so happy almost all of the time – definitely our most social baby girl. 
Weighs: 20.5 pounds
Loves: Sesame Street, Being held, Being talked to, her bippy (pacifier), baths, doing anything – as long as she’s occupied and doing something, she’s good.
Hates:  Being left alone, the act of putting a shirt on, and waiting to be fed
Milestones:  Harper is crawling!! This past weekend she officially started!  She’s not super fast, but she’s moving.  She’s also started pulling herself up onto things.  I know it won’t be too much longer until she is walking.  I’m betting it’s before her 1st birthday, which is faster than either of her sisters.
Eating:  Girl loves to eat!  She watches your food intently if she’s not eating with you.  She usually gets about 1.5-2 jars/pouches of baby food and then some puffs/yogurt bites to snack on.  She still nurses when I’m around too.  We've given her a bunch of table food since she seems so interested and she has done really well with it.  Anytime we are having something that I know she will be able to eat, we offer it to her.  Harper is picking food up great when it is set in front of her.  I think she’s been doing that for almost 2 months now.
Sleep:  Not sleeping through the night and not sleeping in her crib. Womp. Womp.  She wasn't feeling well, so we had her sleep with us and she’s been sleeping with us ever since.  We’ll put her in her crib to begin with, but she wakes up within 2 hours to come into our bed.  She will also wake up about 2 times to nurse.  Right now, it’s not a huge deal that she’s in our bed so we’ll see how long it goes!
Hadleigh & Hayden: love their little sister SO much!  Sometimes too much!  They always want to kiss her and hold her hand.  A lot of times we are telling them not to touch her because each one of them will hold a hand and then she’s not able to do anything.  They’re very protective over her and make sure she stays safe and is clean from any food on her face J
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  1. These cuties keep making me want a baby although I really have no desire for one at the moment but yours are so adorable!! I'm sure EVERYONE asks but trying for a boy or are you good with just 3?

    1. Thanks!! You should have one! We are done having babies, but have tossed the idea of maybe adopting down the road...who knows!