Thursday, February 14, 2013

School Valentine's Edition

Pinterest had me getting crafty again…surprise!  Damn that site for always giving me ideas and wanting to do things around the house – it’s never ending, and Daniel might want to secretly (well not even secretly) kill me when I even say the word "Pinterest”. HAJ

Friday, Hadleigh’s school sent home their February calendar and at the bottom read “We will be exchanging Valentine’s with the class” or something along those lines. Great. Less than a week to Valentine’s Day and nothing to show for it.  I mean , I know kids do this, but I guess I didn't realize the 2 year olds did. Shame on me.  I actually love the fact that they do. That’s where Pinterest comes in J Saving the day!

After doing some searching I came across this: 
DIY: Crayon Hearts Tutorial with free printable tag...cute and inexpensive, great for school hand outs!

I loved the idea of 1) it was something the kids would enjoy using and 2) wasn't something sugary. Not that I'm against the sugary treats, but they'll be getting plenty I'm sure!
So Sunday, Hadleigh and I made a trip to the Dollar Store and kroger.  I purchased the crayons and some Valentine's bags from The Dollar Store and I found my mold from Kroger. 

I think this was about $7.

After I unwrapped all of the crayons and broke them into 4 sections each, it was time to fill the mold!  Hadleigh helped out with this step.  Then I baked them at 275degrees in the oven until the crayons were fully melted.  I then placed them in our fridge, so they would harden quicker.

Daniel thought we should add some of the paper Valentine's to the bag, since we loved getting those growing up.  Hadleigh's big into Princesses, so I bought the Disney Princess box.  She helped me decide which princess we should give each of her classmates.

I love how they turned out! Hopefully Hadleigh's class will enjoy them just as much!

{Unfortunately, Hadleigh had to stay home from school today - stomach bug has hit our house, including me.  But the best dad ever dropped Hadleigh's Valentine's off at her school this morning and is going back by there this afternoon to pick Hadleigh's up.  It will cheer her up for sure.}


  1. cuuuute! love the mishmash of colors! :) You should enter your photos from this project into Craftbaby's Hearts Craft Challenge :-)


    1. Thanks Candie! I registered with your site and entered - excited to read your posts!