Monday, February 11, 2013

Creating With the Stars

When I read about "Creating With The Stars" I had to enter!  So here goes nothing!!  I'd love the opportunity to work with any of the DIYers :)  {buuuutttt being a Richmonder - it would be amazing to get the chance to work with Young House Love}

You can read about the contest here:

Creating with the Stars

We've also been working on a DIY bench for Hadleigh's new room.  We finally finished it and I'm so excited about it!  It turned out great!  We had an old coffee table from when we had our apartment and it sat in our attic at our first house.  Thankfully, we never got rid of it!  Here's a picture of it before:

And then after Daniel and I were done sanding it.

Once we were done sanding, we spray painted white primer and then added a white spray paint top coat.  It already looked so much better.  We also added some baskets to put in the cubby holes at the bottom .  To finish it off, Daniel and I made a bench seat so she could sit and read or do whatever she wanted.  Very simple - we bought some fabric, a piece of board cut to the size of table, foam, and some staples - and THIS is what we have!