Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Room #1 in New House = done!

I've resisted showing any pictures of our new house, as I wanted to do some "before & afters" on here.  We finally got one room pretty much completed (we still need some art/ pictures on the wall), but we will go with the room is done!
We decided our den was the first room to get tackled since it's where we spend a lot of our time.  Here's some before pictures.

We had a couple weeks where everything was set up with our existing furniture and rug.  I wish I had taken a picture with it set-up, but I didn't (slacker).  We hated the country blue walls and even the white trim was looking a bit rough.  Here's some "in between" pictures of the room - painting done, but with old rug, no love seat, and bare walls.  I love the new color - it's a navy/teal-ish.

Our rug and love seat came in and we finally made it out to HomeGoods and snatched up a piece of art work to hang on the wall. Only thing left to do is get a fireplace screen and some pictures on the walls.

The room isn't the craziest makeover you've ever seen, but it definitely fits our style much more than what we were working with before. Stay tuned for more rooms!

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