Monday, February 2, 2015

Weekend Re-Cap

I should’ve have titled this “What I ate this weekend” instead!  I really only took pictures of the food. J We had a pretty eventful weekend, which is not this norm, so that’s why you’re hearing about it today!!
Friday// Daniel and I took the girls to Stevie B’s for dinner.  It’s a local pizza place, but they also have arcade games for kids.  I guess kind of like Chuck E Cheese, but not as bad!  The games kept the girls attention for all of 5 minutes, so Daniel was stuck playing the games to get rid of the tokens.  Hadleigh & Hayden stood at the prize desk waiting for Daniel to finish, so they could pick their prize – ha!  They both picked hot pink slime…which they are only allowed to play with in the kitchen!

Saturday// I had brunch with three of my girlfriends at Helen’s.  It was delicious and always so nice to chat with them.  I forget how much I need these ladies and this time with them! All of us cleaned our plates – I had an egg white omelet with feta, tomato, and spinach – topped with avocado.  Sides were toast & breakfast potatoes.  YUM!

While I was gone, Daniel was brave and took all three girls to Burger King for lunch.  They ran off some energy and one of Hayden’s school friends happened to be there, so it was an impromptu play date!  The rest of the afternoon was spent just hanging out with the girls before taking them to my parents’ house for the night.  From there, Daniel and I started date night!

We didn't have any reservations anywhere and originally tried to get some at Max’s on Broad.  It’s a sister restaurant to Tarrant’s, which we love.  Unfortunately, they only had 8:30pm reservations available and I thought that would be too late since we were seeing a movie at 10pm. We ended up going to Southerly.  It was tasty, but nothing amazing.  We started with Cheese fritters and our drinks. The fritters were good, but a bit on the spicy side! 
Daniel had Devils Backbone brew & I had some Pinot Noir.
Our entrées were Rockfish {Daniel} and the zucchini risotto cakes {me}.

After dinner we headed to the movie theater to hang out until our movie started.  We saw American Sniper with friends and IT WAS SO GOOD!  
Recommend you go see it for sure.  It’s so respectful and really makes me think what I do is so minuscule in comparison.  I know we all do our own part in society, but being in the military is so honorable.  Now, I want to read military memoirs! Any good ones out there?

Sunday//  Was spent hanging around the house and cuddling the girls.  Daniel and I both worked on getting the gray coat of paint on the wood planks in the bathroom. 
Another bathroom to-do crossed off!
Happy Monday!!

·        What did you do over the weekend?
·        I’d love to hear what you thought of American Sniper!  If you’re in the military, did you think it was good?

·        Random Question:  When you guys comment on my posts, I always make a point to reply.  Huge pet peeve of mine when bloggers DON’T reply!  Anyways, should I reply by e-mail to make sure y’all see my reply?  Or do y’all get notified that I’ve replied to your comment on my blog post?  Just want to make sure that you see my response!

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  1. Hmm I don't think it usually notifies me. I usually check back to see if you responded, I think!
    We saw american Sniper when it came out, so good! My husband went over the weekend to see it again, and I saw the J. Lo. movie!
    I just realized there is a "Notify Me" button below so I clicked it, we will see if this time it notifies me :)

    1. yeah, I don't think it does! Now I need to decide whether to continue responding like this, or if I click on your name to respond to you by e-mail.

  2. I like your pictures of the food. To answer your question, I don't go back to see anyone's reply to my comment. If someone comments on my blog I go to their blog and add a comment to theirs. I don't usually leave questions to need an answer. I guess I just like to talk a lot so I comment on their blogs. It is like having a lot of friends. If someone leaves me a question and I think that other people might like the answer to It I may do a blog post on the question. Then I put a link to the persons blog who asked to give them more traffic. I will comment back

    1. That's a good way to handle it!! I like to know when my comments get replied to, so that's why I asked. Thanks for stopping by!!

  3. I just got your reply via email as well as the comment below mine. So I think as long as you (well, me lol. The commenter I guess) click "notify me" you get them in email.