Thursday, December 4, 2014

Holiday Pictures

We took some Holiday pictures a few weeks ago with the talented Nikki at NikkiSanterre Photography.  It was a very chilly Saturday morning and the girls weren't really feeling it after about 15 minutes, but she managed to get some great shots of us.  Daniel and I even got some pictures just the two of us J  I had given both girls baths that morning so their hair would be nice and clean, but of course they didn't want me to style it at all. I picked my battles, so that is why their hair is all in their faces!  I just ordered our Christmas cards with some of these shots, so I’m really excited to send those out soon.

Go.Check.Nikki.Out.  Also – BOOK HER! I leave you with proof…

 photo signaturecopy_zps182acb6e.jpg

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